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GLA-1000 GI7B Conversion 

GLA-1000 Conversion Schematic
GLA-1000 Timer/ALC Schematic
Far Circuit Boards
View Inside the Conversion
View Inside the Conversion
Tuning Instructions
Assembled Far Boards
Assembled Far Boards
Bias Considerations for HF Amplifiers
GI7B Tuned Input Values
Custom Meter Face for the GLA-1000
Constructing a GI7B Socket
Constructing the GLA Tuned Input
GI7B Socket Layout Pattern
Fine Tuning the GLA-1000
PC Board Parts Placement
High Voltage Fuse Board

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W4EMF Amplifier Designs 
Harbach Electronics

Heathkit SB-200 

SB-200 HV Board Replacement by N8GPQ

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